Structural Engineering Services

We provide a wide range of structural engineering services.

Dedicated to providing engineering services

The Home Engineers provide a wide range of structural engineering services to assist homeowners, architects, developers and contractors. We carry out works ranging from small scale ‘knock-throughs’ requiring a lintel design, up to large scale housing developments requiring a full structural design package.

Our services include

  • Residential extensions, loft conversions and internal alterations
  • Structural Surveys:
    • In response to a mortgage valuation
    • For planning or class Q conversion under Permitted Development
    • For peace of mind or as part of required repair works
  • Design of elements and frames using the common structural engineering materials of timber, steel, concrete and masonry
  • Retaining wall design
  • Steel connection design
  • Temporary works (propping, needling, site hoarding, underpinning and scaffold design)
  • Chimney support to facilitate the removal of residential masonry chimney breasts
  • Foundation design

We also have experience working with historic structures, traditional timber truss design, steel portal frame design, canopy design, and carrying out CAT 3 checks for external engineering calculations.

Other Services

Further to the above services, we have the facility to offer Pre- and Post-Planning Civil Engineering services that include:

  • Engineering feasibility appraisals
  • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) reports
  • Drainage Strategy (DS) reports
  • Foul and surface water drainage design
  • Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) design
  • Flood alleviation schemes


Do I need a site visit?

If an architect or designer has provided clear plans, simple alterations can often be undertaken without a site visit saving you money.

If plans are not provided or if the design is complex, a site visit is usually recommended although this is project dependent.

Do I need a structural engineer?

If you are carrying out a home extension, loft conversion or are removing walls from your home, the chances are that you will require a structural engineer. Works such as these require you to notify your local building control team who may require structural calculations before works can be signed off.

How much do you charge for a simple steel beam design?

Providing a set cost for a beam design can be difficult. A steel beam design often involves additional checks to the masonry bearings, wall panels and foundations. Therefore, each project is priced specifically to suit project requirements.

Which areas do you cover?

We have offices throughout the country. Currently, you can employ our services from our offices in NewcastleManchesterNorthumberland and Cornwall & Devon

How long will the design/drawings/calculations take?

Following receipt of all the relevant information, we typically aim to turn around works within 1-2 weeks. However, this is very dependent on how busy we are and the size of the project. Smaller jobs, even with a site visit can often be completed in a week or less.

I need a structural engineer urgently – can you help?

Please contact us and we will see what we can do. Even whilst busy, we try to allocate time to administrative works, training, and CPD. If required, we may be able to allocate some of this time to your project.

What type of clients do you work with?

We typically work with a wide range of clients from domestic clients, builders, developers, architects and surveyors.

My mortgage company requires a structural inspection before we buy our property. Can you do this?

We regularly undertake structural surveys in response to a property valuation survey. Our inspections are undertaken by an experienced structural engineer and all reports that are to be submitted to a bank or building society are reviewed and signed off by our Chartered Structural Engineer.

Do you draw up plans for my house?

The architect or surveyor normally draws up the plans. Where an architect or surveyor is unable to draw up the plans or full plans are not required, we can undertake a measured survey sufficient to carry out the structural design.

I have been told I need a structural engineer, but I cannot adequately describe the issue. Can you take a look?

Often, a building inspector or other professional may use complicated terms to describe a structural defect meaning it is difficult to clearly relay that information over the phone or via email. In these cases, we would recommend that a site visit be undertaken for a small fee to review the defect and discuss the best way to resolve the issue.


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